Support for Teens and Young Adults

Pivotal for Success

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new service from Ace Children’s OT in recognition of our work with our older clients aged 16 - 25 years. 

Pivotal for success is a new service for young adults aged 16 - 25 years with high functioning Autism. The service aims to prepare these young people with identification of their skills and strengths as well as areas of need and support them with development of their less able skills. 

We will provide age related assessment and provide direct life skills practice, support and strategies to develop these young people in readiness for college, university or the work place.  Assessment and follow up support will include the following:

  • Self-care routines- dressing, fastenings, bathing / hair care
  • Activities of daily living such as preparation snacks / drinks / meals, laundry, cleaning, budgeting, money handling skills, public transport
  • Working with others, communication with others, recording information 
  • Self-regulation and attention
  • Environment -the work and study space and managing real life situations such as shops, transport
  • Managing the interview process from start to finish - support with preparation of documents for job applications, practice for interviews
  • Employment / College support- working with Human Resources or Tutors to ensure that they understand your needs. 
  • Strategies and changes to the daily routine as required
  • Managing meetings or lectures
  • Planning and organisation skills / revision

We envisage that assessment may take place in the young adults own home, current school, college or university or at our clinic base in Crondall in North-east Hampshire.