Paediatric OT and Sensory Integration


What is a Paediatric OT ?

A Paediatric or Children's Occupational Therapist assesses the child's motor, sensory, perceptual self-care and everyday living tasks. They provide fun, educational, and play based therapy to help the child reach their maximum potential. We see children aged 0-19 years and have recently  commenced support for young people aged 19-25, especially where support for Tribunal cases is required 

You can refer directly to arrange an assessment or treatment for your child's needs. Generally, we are able to carry out an initial assessment within 2-4 weeks of referral.

What is Sensory Integration ?

As part of the therapy a child may receive from an Occupational Therapist, Sensory Integration theory and practice supports children with disorders affecting their sensory and motor systems.  Sensory Integration is relating to the way a child is able to assimilate information from the world around them, organise it, and interpret it.  From this point the child can then use the information to:  

  • play,
  • communicate,
  • and learn. 

This can involve learning how to:  

  • use their body,
  • pay attention,
  • be successful within social situations. 

Using skills and knowledge also from neuro-developmental theories, the Occupational Therapist helps the child develop these skills and work towards achieving their full potential.