Services Provided



An assessment will usually cover the activities most relevant to the child's age and development.  It normally includes:  

  • Drawing and/or handwriting
  • Fine motor skills including tools use
  • Gross motor skills
  • Sensory processing
  • Visual perception
  • Self-care and activities of daily living tasks relevant to age

All assessments are carried out in a child friendly way relevant to the child's age, needs, and developmental levels.  An assessment will usually last for 1.5 hours. The assessments may be carried out in the environment where the child is mostly engaged due to their age, for example home, pre-school or college.


Post Assessment Visit and Report

Following an assessment, a school visit may be undertaken (if relevant).  A full report will be completed and arrangement made to feed back the results to the parents/carers and teachers.  Goal setting and activity/strategy advice are given.


Other Services

  • Treatment can be arranged as packages, on an individual or small group basis, in school, home or clinic environments
  • Courses for specific issues such as handwriting can be undertaken
  • School Access visits for children with a physical disability
  • Specialist seating, toileting, play equipment and classroom equipment
  • School Transition visits for children who are moving school
  • Review of child's progress and update of their OT programmes
  • Training Courses for parents of children with Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Professional Training for group of staff in schools, clinics and public services 
  • Experienced in producing reports for Tribunal appeals and Expert Witness representation in Court