Speakers and Presenters

Ray Coyle


A seasoned businessman who joined Auticon in 2016 to grow the Business across Europe and develop a global footprint. He has 150 staff across Europe, of whom all 120 consultants are on the Autistic Spectrum delivering complex consulting assignments primarily into FTSE 250 businesses. 

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Annelise Thornton


Annelise is an experienced HR professional who actively manages ‘diversity’ across businesses in all its forms. She actively encourages business to recognise the opportunity professionals on the Spectrum can bring to complementary winning teams.

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Arran Linton-Smith


Arran has experienced the most varied career of all our speakers. He always knew he was ‘different’ but he only received his autistic diagnosis in 2012. He is now a successful senior consultant with Interserve Construction and has appeared on radio, television, in the media and spoken in the House of Parliament for the National Autistic Society of which he is a National Forum member.

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Alison Cairns


Alison has been an Occupational Therapist her entire career, specialising in paediatrics for the last 20 years. She left the NHS in 2013 to start Ace Children’s OT enabling her to focus on both assessment and treatment of children with: ASD, Dyspraxia and Sensory Integration difficulties, also congenital disorders such as Downs.

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Diana Pierags


Diana specialised in paediatrics during her BSc Honours degree and consequent Masters in advancing practice in Occupational Therapy. She currently divides her time between the NHS and Ace Children’s OT. Diana is an advanced practitioner in sensory integration and specialises in working with children with ASD and regulation difficulties as well as using the SCERTS framework for children with ASD

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Hester Velthius


Hester is active as a medical doctor and researcher in Neurodevelopmental Disorders (such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders) at King’s College London and the Maudsley Hospital. 

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Gráinne Yeatman


Gráinne is a Speech and Language Therapist (Bsc Hons) with 17 years experience. She supports students with Autistic spectrum conditions and complex speech, language and communication needs, covering early years to college students.

Dominic Cairns


Dominic is himself on the Autistic Spectrum. He volunteered to present his own story and the benefits of early intervention with his diagnosis which has enabled him to achieve academically and mature socially. Dominic is currently a student at the University of Winchester.

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Reena Dayal


Reena Dayal is a Committee Member of the Institute of Directors, Central London Branch; an Author, Executive Coach, Mentor and Trainer to senior Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. 

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Alex Cairns


Formerly a global IT executive, Alex took a career break after a number of board-level interim roles and decided to join Ace Children’s OT full time to grow the Practice, enabling treatment of more children and creating events such as the one you are attending today.

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Dr John Collins


John is Commercial Director of the UK National Centre for commercialising Engineering Biology based at Imperial College London, SynbiCITE. www.synbicite.com

Camera Crew


Just so you all know, we'll be filming this event.

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